Why writing still matters

Working as a journalist got me really comfortable, really fast, with seizing on a good story. Ever since my newspaper days, I have been committed to the written word and to great stories..  Not only do I love to write, but I am deeply moved by meeting people, understanding their stories, getting underneath the motivations that drive them to be who they are, and sharing those stories with the world.

About 10 years ago, I remember being worried that my writing skills would no longer be relevant in a world where everything was done online.  “People don’t read anymore,” was a mantra I used to hear quite often.   But today, it’s become quite obvious that people do read and that online content is critical in driving engagement. building constituents, and building brands.

My motivation for writing and PR has and always will be to get to the truth, to find and share great stories, to give my interviewees the opportunity to say something deeper, and to tell their story in a direct and profound way.  

I have always found the truth more enticing than fiction.

By Betta Stothart



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